Migrant Electrocuted Near Channel Tunnel


A migrant was electrocuted last night near the entrance to the Channel Tunnel in France.

French police said the man, who is believed to be a Syrian national, was trying to climb onto the roof of a UK-bound train when he touched an overhead power cable.

Eurotunnel, the company that operates the cross-Channel link, confirmed a freight train was stopped shortly after leaving the platforms in France at 10.20pm last night, due to a number of migrants on the track.

Security personnel searched the train and found a number of migrants on board, one of whom was unconscious. They called emergency services but the man was later pronounced dead.

An official told AFP that the migrant had been electrocuted:

“When the Shuttle was searched, a number of migrants were found on board, with one unconscious and one injured.

“The Emergency Services were called and immediately took them into their care. The authorities have subsequently confirmed the death of one of those taken into their charge.

“This sad incident shows once again that any attempt to travel illegally through the Channel Tunnel is fraught with danger.”

A spokeswoman for Eurotunnel said: “We deplore this event which proves once again that any attempt to cross the Channel illegally carries considerable risks.”

There has been a huge build-up in the number of migrants at camps near Calais, northern France, as they try to cross illegally into Britain. Breitbart London reported in July how 100 managed to make it into Britain in just one night, an “unusually high number” according to a source.

Those migrants who are caught on the UK side initially go through identity checks at a facility near Folkestone before having asylum claims processed.

Officials said yesterday’s death was the 10th near the tunnel since June.

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