Top Cop Predicts ‘Widespread… Organised Mass Brawls’ By Migrants

mass brawls

The leader of the German police union has warned of violent clashes between migrant groups being imported into his country. In a newspaper interview he also said that information about the migrant crisis is being withheld by authorities to avoid scaring the public.

Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union, was being interviewed by Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten when he issued his warning about importing violence into the country.

Describing the migrant crisis as the biggest challenge to the police since 1945, he warned of “widespread prepared and organised mass brawls and fights” in migrant camps, such as the one in the central German city of Kassel (pictured above) which Breitbart London previously reported.

Wendt explained that he was not talking about mere scuffles, but of “proper power struggles between different groups who have different ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

Although he noted that there have been attacks by Islamists on Christians, he counseled against identifying a particular ethnic group or religion as the main perpetrator for two reasons.

First, he said the numerous reports of violence and abuse aimed at women and children are not specific to any one faith or ethnic group.

Secondly, Wendt explained most conflicts take place within not between religious communities – in Germany’s case mostly Muslims. Saying why he thinks faith-based segregation is not the answer to the problem, he added: “We must not forget: in the home countries, most victims of Islamists are not Christians, but Muslims. A religious separation is therefore not effective.”

Wendt said that the crisis does not give the impression of being under control and that so long as it persists the long-term effects are hard to assess. He did, however, say that if the influx is not stopped then conflicts between migrants will be played out on German streets.

He warned that an upshot of migrant violence is the risk “right-wing extremists use the mood for themselves in order to carry out attacks against refugee shelters”, but said there is no actual evidence of this.

The interviewer suggested that despite the arrival of “hundreds of thousands” comparatively little has actually happened and asked whether that impression is accurate. Wendt replied that in fact “the public does not know everything” because the police report “only a fraction” of what is happening to avoid scaring people unnecessarily.

The former head of Austria’s domestic security agency, Dr Gert R. Polli, recently warned that terror groups may be taking advantage of the migrant crisis to place terrorists in Europe, as reported by Breitbart London. Wendt agreed that the possibility of terrorists and radicals coming in cannot be excluded as “border controls to Austria are no longer intact… borders are no longer controllable.”

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