Leftie Journo Says She’s Not A Woman… Wins Woman’s Award

Not A Woman

A “non-binary” transgendered Guardian columnist has been honoured with a “Woman of the Future” award. She said she was “surprised” because she doesn’t “identify” as a woman, but will accept the award regardless of the flagrant ‘mis-gendering’.

“Seeing I came out as transgender last week I’m kind of surprised to be awarded a Woman Of The Future – as I’m not sure I’ll even BE a woman in the future…” wrote Jack Monroe on Instagram, who is best know for blogging about food.


She accepted the Aviva Women Of The Future award at a ceremony on Tuesday, for her “work in the media” – for doing things like accusing David Cameron of using “stories about his dead son” Ivan to legitimise privatisation of the NHS.

“URGENT: Legal warning: Jack Monroe has requested you do not publish her birth name (*******) in the future,” reads the top of her website called ‘A Girl Called Jack.’ Jack was in fact born Melissa, as Guido Fawks revealed in November last year.

Monroe had been living as a lesbian for many years, with no complaints of crippling “gender dyisphoria.” However, on National Coming Out Day, she made sure she remains at the “heroic” cutting edge of LGBTQQI+ identity politics, declaring herself transgendered.

That’s not to mean she is now a man, however. Monroe claims to have a “non-binary identity”, which apparently means she is not exclusively masculine or feminine, but somewhere in the middle of her own choosing. Jack likes to be referred to as “they”.

“Yes I am transgender. Not all trans people transition from one binary gender to another,” she tweeted on the day she “came out”.

Her fashionable declaration to not be gendered, however, was not taken well by one ex-fiancé, who “hit the roof” with the ex telling her: “I fancy GIRLS babe, GIRLS!” The fiancé “accused me of deceiving her” Jack says, and going into “pre-emptive mourning” for the “loss of my double-Ds”.

In her coming out blog post, Monroe refers to wearing a chest binder to conceal her breasts, and says she has been “researching a double mastectomy,” to get rid of her self-declared large chest.


The number of out lesbians has indeed been falling, as more and more are “diagnosed” as transgendered in accordance with the social trends of the day. “Butch lesbians are paying a price for bending gender rules,” wrote lesbian feminist activist Julie Bindel in The Guardian earlier this year.

Julie was “no-platformed” for her views on transgenderism almost a decade before the recent storm caused by Germaine Greer, who believes that transgendered women are not women.

“To the lesbian community – thank you so much for your love and support over recent years. Please don’t now reject me from women-only or lesbian spaces,” pleaded Monroe in her post, despite being fully behind the campaign to bar the likes of Greer and Bindel from transgender “safe spaces.”

And so the gender wars continue…


Monroe uses the prefix “Dr” (doctor) in her Twitter bio, despite only having an honorary degree from the University of Essex. It is not known if she now wants the institution to be renamed the “university of Esgender.”


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