World’s First Pornography For The Blind

pornography for the blind
Nina Linde

Anything is possible in the liberal, progressive, multicultural paradise of Sweden. Including, it seems, pornography for the blind.

An edgy artist from the Nordic nation has created an X-rated brail book for the visually impaired, featuring a “diverse” range of people engaged in gay, straight and lesbian sex.

The book — a world first — includes a woman wearing a strap-on, gay sex, an orgy and even bondage.

“The book is about stimulation – I don’t think ‘porn’ is the right word”, claimed creator Nina Linde.

The publication, called ‘Occasionally Blind’, was first released in 2010 and is not widely available. However, it is gaining attention now because Mrs Linde delivered a copy to the Nation Library of Sweden, enshrining the text into the nation’s historical record.

The artist told the Swedish Metro: “I discovered that there is no porn or erotica at all for the visually impaired. Everyone needs some sexual stimulation!”

pornography for the blind

The book has earned the praise of Hakan Thomsson, president of Sweden’s National Federation of the Visually Impaired.

He said: “The visually impaired will be able to take part in the book, both through audio and Braille.

“I think that some people imagine that we have no sexuality, which is not true. Visually impaired people are just as sexual as any other!”

Sweden led the world into the sexual revolution; sex education has been mandatory in schools since 1955 and the age of consent is just 14. However, taboos are still being broken.

In September Breitbart London reported on a series of explicit sexual education textbooks for disabled school children, featuring the work “f*ucking.” The books — another world first — covered everything from sex, puberty, masturbation and consent.

Earlier in the year, Sweden adopted a new word for female masturbation — klittra — after the campaign group RFSU ran a nationwide competition to come up with a term.


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