Blind Hockey Event Proves Game For Everyone

A few months ago, Craig Fitzpatrick, a buddy and former rec league hockey teammate, told me that he planned to organize a blind hockey event in Washington, DC. Fitzpatrick suffers from a degenerative eye condition that has rendered him legally blind. While I thought the event sounded like a great idea, I really wasn’t sure what kind of turnout to expect.

Blind Hockey Event DC

Watch: Blind Man Sells Brooms to Support His Family

A blind man in Arizona is not letting his disability keep him from providing for his family. According to a report by ABC15, Sebastian Ibanez is legally blind, but walks daily from his apartment to a nearby gas station to sell


World’s First Pornography For The Blind

Anything is possible in the liberal, progressive, multicultural paradise of Sweden. Including, it seems, pornography for the blind. An edgy artist from the Nordic nation has created an X-rated brail book for the visually impaired, featuring a “diverse” range of

pornography for the blind