22-Year-Old Migrant ‘Broke Into 26 Cars In One Night’

26 cars

A 22-year-old Libyan migrant is suspected of breaking into 26 cars in one night in the German capital Berlin.

Police believe the man broke into a row of parked cars on Storkower Strasse on Wednesday night in search of valuables.

They received a call at 11.15pm after a passer-by noticed several cars with smashed windows, and eventually caught him breaking into a VW Golf at 3.35am.

Der Tagesspiegel says that police discovered several allegedly stolen items near the crime scene, and found “further evidence” after searching his lodging, although more detailed information has not been made public.

Following the man’s arrest, police found that 26 cars had been broken into in the area. “It stands to reason that the man is also responsible for other acts,” a police spokesman said.

Last month, Breitbart London reported how migrant criminals in Germany are openly mocking the authorities on social media while police look on, powerless to act.

The so-called ‘klau-kids’ (‘klau’ meaning theft) take pictures of themselves posing with stolen goods, including laptops, phones, cameras, cash and designer sunglasses.

Police estimate that around 150 ‘klau-kids’ are operating in Berlin alone.

It is “incomprehensible that such serial offenders do not sit in pre-trial detention,” according to Bodo Pflazgraf, Chief of the German Police Union.

Judges are reluctant to issue arrest warrants for petty offences, though, and many of the ‘klau-kids’ either have no documents or multiple passports, thus making them difficult to identify. German law also stipulates that migrants can only be deported if they have been convicted of a crime that merits a prison sentence of three years or more.

Rainer Wendt, another senior figure in the German Police Union, recently said that the large influx of migrants into Germany had left the nation’s police forces feeling “overwhelmed”. He said the new arrivals lack respect for German law and welcomed new, tougher asylum laws.

“This should’ve happened at least a year or so ago when we saw the first signs of the chaos,” he said.

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