Senior German Politician Calls For National Burqa Ban, Including Tourists


A senior German politician, who backs a national burqa ban, has said that the law should also cover tourists to the country from the Arab world.

The Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, was speaking to German newspaper Die Welt after her party congress in Munich recently approved two proposals — one a burqa ban (the full body covering) and one a ban on the niqab (the face veil). She said:

“When I have traveled to Iran, I have obeyed the country’s commandments and worn a headscarf. Likewise I expect women from the Arab world visiting this country to give up the full-face veil. Such laws are not just for people with German citizenship.”

Calling for the Christian Social Union’s policy of a niqab and burqa ban to be adopted by Germany as a whole, Ms. Aigner continued:

“This is mainly about showing your face. It is about social interaction, seeing each other. It does not fit into our culture to hide – and it contradicts our idea of equality for women. The law should be quickly passed by the Bundestag.”

Ms. Aigner also called for a commitment against Islamism from Muslims living in Germany. She said there should be no religion that justifies killing the followers of other religions, adding:

“In this context I expect Muslims who live with us to be clear. Muslim organisations above all should join forces and raise their voices against Islamism.”

France banned “conspicuous” religious symbols in public schools, including headscarves, in 2004, leading to a huge rift with the Muslim community. In 2010, it also banned the wearing of a niqab and burqa, both of which cover the face, in public places. Both bans have been upheld in spite of challenges at the European Court of Human Rights.

More recently, as Breitbart London previously reported, the Swiss canton of Ticino has adopted a similar ban.

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