Cal State Will Keep All 23 Campuses Closed for Spring Semester

California State University has announced that it will keep all 23 campuses closed for the upcoming spring semester. According to a letter written by a university official, Cal State students will likely be asked to continue their courses online until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available.

Nurse Canan Emcan shows a test kit for coronavirus samples at the isolation ward of the Un

Bavaria to Ban Burka in Public Places

The German state of Bavaria is to ban the full face veil in schools, universities, polling stations and government workplaces, the regional government has announced. The move, which is being proposed by region’s governing Christian Social Union (CSU), comes just

Radical Salafi Islamists

Merkel Government ‘Incapacitated’ Over Migrant Issue

BERLIN (Reuters) – The German government dismissed charges on Monday that it has become “incapacitated” because of its failure to agree on a strategy on the refugee question that has sent Chancellor Angela Merkel’s approval ratings falling to five-year lows.