Inheritor To Goebbel’s Propaganda Ministry Teaches Germans That Mohammed Was a ‘Feminist’


The German government appears to be in full damage-control mode post-Cologne sex attacks, with the official journal of the state propaganda bureau publishing an editorial claiming Mohammed was a feminist, and that as of yet there has been no evidence the increase in sex attacks in Germany has been caused by refugees.

The article in Fluter (Floodlight) magazine, the trendy journal for young Germans published by the Federal Agency for Civic Education is the work of Indian heritage German journalist Khola Maryam Hübsch, a vocal advocate for Islam in German public life. Ms. Hübsch has been at the forefront of campaigns to preserve the burqa in Europe as a “liberating” garment for women, and in the article writes scathingly about attitudes that cast recent Muslim migrants as potential sex attackers.

With a clear dose of sarcasm, Ms. Hübsch opens her article: “Suddenly, we live in a country in which you are constantly worried about the safety and dignity of women”, and lays the blame for sexual assault in Germany firmly on the shoulders of “sexist and misogynistic” Western pop culture. Far from being a source of trouble for Europe, Islam is a civilising influence, reasons Ms. Hübsch, with Mohammed cast as an early campaigner for women’s rights, reports Junge Freiheit.

Even his child bride Aisha is roped in to provide evidence of his positive attitude towards women. Any “misogynistic traditions” within Islam are the fault of the “male orthodoxy” working to discriminate against women by corrupting “appropriation” of the faith.

Signing off her article, Ms. Hübsch warns young Germans off the pleading for women’s rights made by non-Muslims, what she calls “right-wing activists who otherwise want to see women in the kitchen”. Accusing Islam of importing sexual violence into Germany is no more than “old resentments against Muslim men as an expression of cultural chauvinism, a use of feminism to distract from their own sexism and racism”, she reasoned.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education, which publishes Fluter magazine is the German government body tasked with disseminating information to the population to propagate interest in German style democracy and promote civic virtues.

Fluter magazine itself officially exists to educate 16-22 year olds about democracy, but the output primarily focusses on gender politics and ‘intersectionality’, with articles in the latest edition on ‘Fragile Men and Strong Women’, transgenderism, and Middle eastern sex opera.

The agency, tasked with counter-Communist duties in West Germany during the cold war is the inheritor of the Nazi era Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, as headed by Dr Joseph Goebbels, itself a reincarnation of the Great War era propaganda service. While the official English language name of the agency uses the term ‘civic education’ to explain its purpose, the literal translation of the German title for the office perhaps goes some way to express the true intention, rendering into English as the agency for “political education”.

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