UK Parliament Trans Report: Biological Men Should Be Allowed In Women’s Refuges And Female Sports

John Phillips/Getty

The government’s new “transgender equalities inquiry” has concluded that trans people are being failed by the state and society in many areas of life, claiming they need more money, more recognition, more changes in the law, and more special provisions.

The report recommends specific “hate crime” laws to guard transgenderism as a “protected category”; “mandatory training for police officers on transphobic hate crime”; a gender neutral “x” category on British passports; and for biological men be allowed into single-sex institutions such as women’s refuges, and to play female sports.

There are also many specific recommendations to encourage transgenderism in children, as Breitbart London reported earlier.

The report calls for changing one’s legally recognised gender to be far easier. People would need to make no effort to live or appear as their chosen gender, and fill out just one form. Once a self-chosen gender is legally recognised, biological men should be allowed access to all women’s services, the report demands.

The Equalities Act of 2010 currently allows for the provision of single sex services, such as rape counselling of women’s centres, via discrimination along biological lines. However, the reports “recommends the act is amended”, to make it illegal to exclude biological men “who’s acquired gender has been recognised under the gender recognition act of 2004” from such services.

The authors also demand that the language of Equalities Act be updated, and be brought into line with latest politically correct lexical trends.

“The terms ‘gender reassignment’ and ‘transsexual’ in the Act are outdated and misleading; and may not cover wider members of the trans community. The protected characteristic should be amended to that of ‘gender identity'”, they state.

The report also claims that, “the NHS is failing in its legal duty under the Equality Act 2010” and should adopt a “zero tolerance” policy towards “transphobia”. It strongly and condemns waiting times for “essential” gender related cosmetic procedures as “completely unacceptable”.

“Trans people also have specific needs regarding Gender Identity Services, which provide: gender reassignment / confirmation treatment through Gender Identity Clinics (GICs); and the GIDS for children and adolescents”, the report states.

It claims the transgendered are being “inappropriately excluded” from some “gender effected” sports, and calls for new guidelines, whereby “there are likely to be few occasions where exclusions are justified to ensure fair competition or the safety of competitors”.

The report also says that a new “X” category for British passports must be introduced, which would allow trans people to identify as neither male nor female. Such a move would bring the UK into line with Australia, which adopted the “X” category four years ago.


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