OUTRAGE as Labour MP Claims WWII Soldiers ‘Fought For The European Project’

Labour’s Member of Parliament for Tottenham, David Lammy, has provoked outrage today by suggesting that the millions who fought against the European dictator Adolf Hitler actually fought for the “European Project”.

In an interview with the BBC’s Daily Politics (above), Mr. Lammy, who has previously been mocked for claiming the Vatican’s method for choosing a new Pope is ‘racist’ for using black and white smoke – claimed in an interview with the UK Independence Party’s Steven Woolfe MEP, that Commonwealth soldiers who were fighting alongside British troops were actually fighting for the European Union.

Mr. Woolfe said, “We had two and a half million Indians who fought for us in the Second World War,” to which Mr. Lammy replied: “You said it! A million Indians died fighting for us. The fought for the European project.

Mr. Woolfe looked amazed, and asked, “Did you just say they fought for the European project?”

Mr. Lammy replied: “They fought for the European project”.

Mr Woolfe clarified: “They fought for Britain to get rid of a European dictator who was murdering and killing people. They didn’t fight for the European Union. They didn’t fight for the European Economic Community. This is a complete perversion of history and what they were fighting for”.

In fact that only place planning a European super state at the time were the Nazi Party of Germany. Dr Walther Funk, the Nazi economics minister, laid down plans for a post-war Europäische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft, or ‘European Economic Community’.

Mr. Woolfe told Breitbart London after the programme: “David Lammy’s comments are outrageous. The ‘in’ campaign trying to convince Britain to stay in the European Union have their heads in the clouds”.

The news comes just a day after the leader of the ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ campaign claimed that he voted to stay in the European Union in Britain’s referendum of 1975. There was no such referendum in 1975, but rather, a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Common Market – a trade organisation, rather than a political union with a President, and a parliament.

Mr. Lammy once debated the Editor of Breitbart London, Raheem Kassam, on the BBC’s Free Speech programme, during which he claimed that Margaret Thatcher as prime minister closed more coal mines than any other Prime Minister. In fact, 211 pits were closed under Labour’s Harold Wilson, whereas just 154 were closed under Prime Minister Thatcher.





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