Sikh And Hindu Groups Warn Of Cologne Style Sex Attack, Tell Government To Learn From Rotherham


Some or the largest Hindu and Sikh organisations in Britain have warned of Cologne-style “mass, planned rape and sexual assault”, urging the British government to learn lessons from Rotherham and crack down on Muslim violence against white and Asian non-Muslim women.

In a joint statement, the Hindu Council UK (HCUK), the largest Hindu umbrella body in the country, the Sikh Awareness Society, a leading independent Sikh advisory board, and The Sikh Media Monitoring Group have called for the British government to recognise “the targeting of non-Muslim women” as a specific “hate crime”.

The faith leaders lambasted “political correctness” and said that lessons “must be learnt” from the Rotherham, where mainly Muslim men were allowed to rape, traffic and torture 1400 girls, unimpeded for decades, because authorities were too scared of offending Muslims.

To this day, every major news outlet in the UK has refused to describe the rape gangs as Muslim-orientated in headlines. Asian Voice, a news website for British Asians, explained why this and Cologne is so alarming for non-Muslim British Asians.

“The sexual grooming scandals of non Muslim women by Muslim men (often incorrectly mentioned as plain Asians) have ripped through Britain. It has been an example of gross injustice towards the minorities, especially by authorities, who feared the risk of being labelled as ‘Islamophobic’.”

They statement reads: “Recent disturbing news from Cologne where a mass, planned, rape and sexual assault on New Year’s Eve by a mob of at least 1000 ‘Arab / North African – looking’ males on local women is just the latest in a series of reported cases of the targeting of women by small elements within the Muslim community.”

Adding: “Lessons can be learnt from Britain, where we saw a cowardly reaction from the political elite following several high profile sexual grooming cases of gangs of mainly young, Pakistani males involved in the rape, abuse and trafficking of young white girls in various cities up and down the country.

“These gangs have also targeted Sikh and Hindu girls.

“There seems to be a pattern emerging where young non-Muslim girls and women in the UK are being targeted by gangs from small elements within the Muslim community – whose attitudes towards their victims seem to show no remorse or guilt.”

The statement further added: “The UK has legislation against various types of hate crimes – but the acknowledgment that this is another form of hate crime seems to have either gone unnoticed by the authorities or been conveniently ignored for fear of being labelled ‘Islamophobic’ by certain quarters.

“Ignoring that a particular problem exists just encourages the perpetrators of these crimes to think that their prejudice towards women from outside their community is all the more justified.

“It does no justice to the young girls and women who expect protection from the very authorities who don’t seem to investigate why these particular women were targeted in the first place.”

“The problem in Germany and Europe in general needs to be addressed and we hope the authorities have the courage to tackle these issues.

“We request the Government to recognise that the targeting of non-Muslim women is a specific problem that exists in the UK and to treat it just as seriously as any other hate crime.”

The joint statement was signed by Lord Indarjit Singh of Wimbledon, of the Network of Sikh Organisations, Anil Bhanot, of The Hindu Council UK, Mohan Singh Khalsa, of The Sikh Awareness Society, and Ashish Joshi, of The Sikh Media Monitoring Group UK.


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