Farage: Cologne Shows We Should Leave EU, ‘Notting Hill’ Types Won’t Even Mention Migration

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Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), has slammed eurosceptics who are “uncomfortable” talking about immigration for fear of upsetting “Notting Hill dinner parties”, in an apparent attack on UKIP MP Douglas Carswell and his Vote Leave campaign group.

Mr. Farage insisted that “open door” immigration and the migrant sex attacks in Cologne are “bloody powerful” arguments for leaving the European Union (EU).

He was speaking at a meeting of leading eurosceptics in Westminster yesterday. Most of the speeches focused on economics, but Mr. Farage told the panel — which included Mr. Carswell — to “man and woman up” over immigration concerns.

According to the Huffington Post, he said: “There’s one big killer argument with which we can win this referendum and my concern is there’s far too many based here in Westminster who fight shy of dealing with this argument.

“They feel uncomfortable. Their wives or husbands at Notting Hill dinner parties are made to feel embarrassed that such a thing should even be discussed”, he blasted. Adding: “We need to man and woman up and face these issues.”

Mr. Farage is a member of the UKIP affiliated Leave.EU campaign, and went on to make a thinly veiled jab at the competing Vote Leave group, which UKIP’s only Member of Parliament Douglas Carswell has joined. As Mr. Carswell watched on, the UKIP leader said:

“What an absolute crying shame and tragedy it is that one of the groups seeking nomination for the designation from the Electoral Commission in this referendum absolutely point blank refuses to do that and work with anybody else.

“What a shame that is”, he said.

Mr. Farage also cited a Telegraph article by Allison Pearson written just after the New Year’s Eve horrors in Germany. Mrs. Pearson confessed to being “euro clueless”, but said that after Cologne she would vote for Brexit to protect “the right of our daughters and granddaughters to live as they choose and to smile in the street.”

Over 1000 crimes have now been reported in around the cathedral square that night, in a mass crime spree planned by what police have described as predominantly “migrants and asylum seekers”.

The young men surrounded German women to rape, assault and rob them in a display of “taharrush”, a sort of mass public sex mob previously only seen in the Arab world.

There were similar attacks across Europe; in “every major German city” as well as in Sweden, Austria, Finland and Switzerland.

Mr. Carswell lives in Fulham, near Notting Hill.


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