Vote Leave

Wake-Up Call: The EU Must Change or Collapse

The United Kingdom’s decision to Vote Leave in the referendum on June 23rd should have been a wake-up call for EU leaders. In the largest election turnout in the history of the UK, 17.4 million people chose to leave an organisation which they believe is detrimental to their interests.


Brexit Supporting Labour MP Claims Leave Campaign Is ‘Racist’

A Brexit-supporting Labour MP says most ethnic minority voters are backing Remain in the upcoming European Union (EU) referendum because the Leave campaign is “racist” for mentioning immigration in the debate, and that ethnic minority voters are “horrified” at opposition against


Senior Labour Donor Quits Vote Leave Board

The Labour donor John Mills has quit the Vote Leave campaign amid accusations of infighting in the group over whether its leaders are taking the Labour vote seriously enough. He now plans to run a Brexit campaign aimed squarely at

The Labour Leave Campaign Launches