FARAGE FOR BREITBART: The SNP Is NOT A Nationalist Party, And That’s Why They’ll Campaign To Give Scotland To The EU


We are now three weeks into an increasingly confusing European Union referendum campaign. Some of the people I met in Romford market as I toured on Saturday with UK Independence Party (UKIP) Member of the European Parliament Gerard Batten and local Conservative Party MP Andrew Rosindell said they just want some simple facts.

However the constant negative distortions coming from the ‘Remain’ campaign make it very difficult for any facts to be established at all.

In some ways I would like a different referendum question, such as: do you want the United Kingdom to have independence from the European Union?

Above all this referendum is about whether we should be an independent country or part of a bigger political union. 

Independent countries make their own laws, have their own supreme courts, their own currencies and monetary policies and crucially they control their borders.

Independence is normality. It is what the vast majority of countries in the world are. There are many more independent states today than there were thirty or fifty years ago. 

But the simple truth is that none of the criteria that I have mentioned are possible for a member state of the EU. You cannot be an independent nation and a member of this Union. 

Yet north of the border a bizarre argument has been raging for some years. 

The Scottish National Party (SNP), not satisfied with having totally distorted the general election, are at it again. At their spring conference this weekend their leader Nicola Sturgeon has said that she wishes to relaunch the Scottish independence campaign. 

This attempt to cloud the UK’s referendum on June 23rd is based on a false idea that England is strongly anti-EU and that Scotland is pro-EU. The truth is that gap is getting much narrower with time.

But the biggest falsehood and one that all of the media studiously refuse to question is that Sturgeon says that she wants an independent Scotland to be one that has left the UK and joined the European Union.

Sturgeon is happy for Scotland to be a tiny member state, even province, of the emerging EU state; not in control of her laws or her territorial waters; and potentially to be forced to sign up to a treaty that will commit Scotland to join the euro. 

Both politically and economically I rather doubt whether the EU would welcome Scotland given that the SNP’s economics was based on a separatist Scotland surviving with oil priced at $113 a barrel. The market now fluctuates between $30-$40 dollars a barrel.

Scotland and the EU would be forced to take Greek style austerity measures. Scotland inside the EU would not be independent. 

I hope this referendum exposes the SNP for what they are. They are not a nationalist party. They will be campaigning on June 23rd against independence for the United Kingdom, including Scotland. The idea that post-Brexit Nicola Sturgeon would lead the referendum against genuine independence is laughable both politically and economically.


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