Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev (C) struck the name-change deal with Greece

EU Urges Macedonia to Change Name to Placate Member State Greece

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) – The official in charge of European Union’s enlargement negotiations has urged Macedonians to vote in a referendum this month on renaming their country “North Macedonia,” a change that could pave the way for its EU and

Greece's northern province of Macedonia was the cradle of Alexander the Great's empire and is a source of intense pride for modern-day Greeks

Greece, Russia Expel Diplomats over Macedonia Controversy

A Greek diplomatic source told Reuters on Wednesday that Greece will expel two Russian diplomats “suspected of meddling in the politically sensitive issue of Macedonia.” Greek media later said that up to four people might be expelled. Russia has threatened to retaliate in kind, creating one of the most serious breaches to date between the two countries.

The preliminary agreement to change Macedonia's name was signed by both sides earlier this month

Macedonia Name Deal Going Nowhere Fast in Greece

The deal struck by the Greek and Macedonian prime ministers to end the 30-year argument over what the Macedonian republic should be called is making little progress through the Greek government. On Tuesday, an influential member of the governing political coalition announced he was ready to bring the entire government down if the name deal moves forward.


Macedonia Name Deal Could Topple Greek Government

The 30-year battle between Greece and Macedonia over what the Republic of Macedonia should be called appeared to conclude on Tuesday with an agreement to add the word “North” to its name. Unfortunately, the Greek opposition promptly filed a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, while the Macedonian president declared he has no intention of signing the deal his own prime minister negotiated.


Macedonia Elections: Country Votes Amid Scandal

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) — Polls opened Sunday in Macedonia for a general election called two years early as part of a Western-brokered agreement to end a paralyzing political crisis. The crisis began after the opposition accused the conservative government of

SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonia declared a state of emergency in …

Macedonia Declares State Of Emergency After 21 Die In Flash Floods

SKOPJE (Reuters) – Macedonia declared a state of emergency in its capital Skopje and neighbouring districts on Sunday, a day after at least 21 people were killed in flash floods caused by a storm. Torrential rains flooded homes, swept away


Merkel: If We Close The Border, ‘Europe Is Destroyed’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made an impassioned plea for keeping Europe’s internal Schengen—zone borders open, despite the migrant crisis. The warning of destruction, which has followed several others made at times where borders have had to be closed in


Council of Europe Concerned Over Macedonia Treatment of Migrants

The Council of Europe on Wednesday offered its help in training Macedonian border police, after allegations that officers are maltreating migrants as they try to enter the country on their way north. Macedonia has used tear gas and stun grenades

Several dozen migrants managed to illegally cross from Greece into …

Dozens of Migrants Break Through Macedonian Border

Several dozen migrants managed to illegally cross from Greece into Macedonia on Saturday — a border that has been shut since February, an AFP photographer reported. The photographer saw the group in the Macedonian town of Gevgelija, across from Idomeni