Burglary Up 10 Per Cent… High Migrant Crime, Open Borders Blamed

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Germany’s burglary rate continues to rise year on year with 2015 now confirmed to be a record year, as the number of migrant criminals approaches one million.

The new figures have come to light in a report of the Welt newspaper two months early — they are officially to be released by interior minister Thomas de Maizière in May. There were a record 167,136 burglaries in 2015 according to the figures, a full 9.9 per cent rise on 2014 when there were 152,123.

The only time in recent German history when there were ever more was shortly after reunification in 1993 when there were over 227,000 reported.

Burglaries fell consistently in Germany from that point until they reached a nadir in 2005-06, at around 100,000. From 2006 to the present day, the rate of these offences has grown year-on-year, with sharp growth during the late 2010’s.

Migrant gangs coming to Germany have been blamed for much of the rise, with Europe’s border-less zone stretching from Portugal in the West to the Balkans in the East particularly cited. The ability of criminals to easily and without border checks send their ill-gotten gains abroad to far corners of Europe quickly and efficiently is cited in the report as a particular concern.

This is reflected in the number of migrants now suspected of crimes or in the process of being tried in Germany. So-called “non Germans” suspected of criminal activity hit 911,864 last year, a 47.7 per cent growth.

Some German states associated with higher levels of migrant penetration, including New Year’s Eve sex assault state North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) saw significantly higher than average rises in crime rates. In NRW, the burglary rate increase was nearly double that of the nation.

Overall crime of all kinds has risen by just over four per cent in Germany over the past year, with just 56 per cent of crimes reported solved by police. Also enjoying high rates of growth were shop thefts, and pick-pocketing, both at plus seven per cent. One kind of crime that isn’t counted in the national statistics but has seen a meteoric rise is that of illegal entries, which went up some 210 per cent in 2015.

This relationship between mass migration and crime has already been acknowledged privately by German police. Breitbart London reported earlier this month on a leaked paper which said the force was anticipating continuing growth in the rate of offences against the person, criminal damage, theft, and drug offences in line with rising migration.

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