Police Investigate Man For ‘Revenge Fart’ After Woman Rejected Sexual Advances


A man has been reported to police for emitting what has been described as a “revenge fart” after a woman refused to have sex with him.

The frustrated lothario resorted to employing his putrid “revenge fart” in a woman’s private apartment on Sunday, reports Swedish regional newspaper Hallandsposten.

The pair had discussed having sex, but after the woman exercised her right to say no her potential lover let rip with a cloud of noxious gas.

The alleged “revenge fart” was so bad that the woman was compelled to contact police in the historic southwestern city of Laholm.

The victim of the gassy blast has not been named but told police she was so disgusted by the rancid odour — which she said “smelled very bad in my flat” — that it actually “disturbed her peace of mind”.

Hallandsposten has since reported that police inquiries into the flatulent matter have ended with no further action, as Chief Investigator Kenneth Persson said it cannot be proved that the man intentionally expelled his rotten stench.

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