Tommy Robinson Walks Free From Court, Judge Slams Police Persecution

Tommy Robinson
Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

Tommy Robinson has had a charge of battery dismissed in court. He said the judge questioned the police’s motives for pursuing the case against him when they did.

“My case has been dismissed. Even the judge made comments about the police’s motive of prosecution. Thank you all”, he announced on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

“The QC absolutely tore it to pieces… Yeah, he made a mockery of it. He made a mockery of just another stitch up”, he added in a short video.

Yesterday, Breitbart London reported that supporters of the PEGIDA UK organiser and former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) had donated £24,000, allowing him to hire “one of the best legal representatives” for the case.

“I just want to say a quick thank you. Thank you to everyone who donated, because without your support and without your donations I would have been fighting for my life in prison right now. I know that, one hundred per cent,” he continued.

Adding: “So thank you very much. I’m going home to my wife and kids”.

Mr. Robinson has admitted being involved in an altercation when he was imprisoned for alleged mortgage fraud last year, charges he insists were also politically motivated.

He says he acted in self defence as he had been deliberately put in a prison “wing full of Muslims” where his “life was in danger” and a bounty put on his head.

When he was released from prison on July 24th 2015, prison authorities decided not to pursue any action over the altercation.

He was then unexpectedly arrested and interviewed regarding the fight in August, released with no further action, and then re-arrested and charged with common assault six months later – two days after he launched the UK branch of PEGIDA.

“This is so blatant police and state collusion because of my political beliefs”, Mr. Robinson tweeted at the time.

“The fact this latest arrest comes days after [the PEGIDA UK launch] is no coincidence. I WILL BE IN BIRMINGHAM ON FEB 6TH”, he added on the social media site.

Mr. Robinson was only held for a short time following a public outcry, and has been present at the PEGIDA UK walks on the 6th of February and last weekend. Both events have passed off peacefully, without incident.

It has been claimed in the past that “political policing” has also been used to stop Mr. Robinson attending the Oxford Union debating society and a “Draw Mohammed” cartoon competition.

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