VIDEO: Germany Funds Classes To Teach Migrants To Pick Up Girls, Provides ‘Sex Tips’ Booklets

A new video shows how the German government is funding a program teaching migrants how to flirt with German girls.

Released on YouTube, the clip shows what so-called integration classes for migrants in Germany really look like. A youth centre in the town of Eichstatt is helping migrants to integrate in a very bizarre way, by showing them how to effectively flirt with and hit on German women.

The clip starts by showing several migrants in a room with a few German girls, all of whom appear to be very young. The migrants are being taught how to flirt with a German called called Jenny.

The leader of the project Christian Zech encourages the migrants to attempt to use their best pick up lines on the girl but at first many of them seem too shy.

“The majority doesn’t have a clue how to approach the opposite sex in this country,” Zechs told Bayerischer Rundfunk television.

The migrants and the girls break for five minutes and then a migrant tries his luck with the young German blonde.

Dressed like a rapper and having been in Germany already for two years, Somalian Sadik sits down and immediately after saying his name and tells the girl: “WOW you really are quite good looking”. After the awkward conversation “Jenny” gives Sadik some pointers telling him, “don’t be too pushy” and to “take it slowly”.

At the end of the video it is said that the migrants receive booklet of sex tips. The booklet contains information on how to have sex and avoid sexually transmitted diseases, likely talking about proper uses of condoms and other hygienic issues related to sexual intercourse.

The original video is found on the TV channel’s website and the reaction has been highly negative, rated 1 star out of 5. The video is entitled, “Workshop for Refugees: How Western Women Tick,” and starts by introducing Mr. Zech, a so-called sex educator who works for a group called, “Pro Familia” teaching underage migrants about sex. 

Pro Familia, according to their website, is a government funded organization that deals with sexual education and pregnancy issues. In an interview with Donau Kurier, Mr. Zechs talked about his experiences with migrants and sexual education but when it came to the views of Muslim migrants of homosexuals he said, “for the majority, it is difficult to hear that this is okay”. He also said that his job wasn’t to “protect Germans from refugees.”

Since the Cologne New Years eve sex attacks, many have criticised the German government’s’ attitudes toward integration and migrant views of women. Train stations across Europe have become hubs for migrant sex crimes. Recently in Salzburg’s train station migrants raped a woman brutally leading to at least one arrest. Many want to see migrants educated regarding treatment of women but it is doubtful by the ratings on the video that the education should extend to teaching migrants how best to hit on German women. 


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