WATCH: Left Wing German Politician Caked For Questioning Open Borders

A so call ‘anti-fascist’ has assaulted a left-wing member of the German Parliament because she dared to suggest that Germany should cap the number of ‘refugees’ it accepts each year.

Sahra Wagenknecht, the parliamentary co-leader of Germany’s The Left Party, is a former Marxist and communist whose mother is an Iranian migrant.

Her impeccable left wing credentials could not, however, save her from accusations of racism and bigotry when she suggested that Germany should reconsider Chancellor Merkel’s policy of “no upper limit”.

“Not all refugees can come to Germany”, she said last year.

Then, after the mass sex attacks by migrants in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, she went a little further and her rhetoric was unusually hard for a left-winger: “Those who abuse the right of hospitality, lose the right to hospitality”, she stated.

Open borders activists were unimpressed and plotted to attack the MP with a chocolate cake during a party meeting in Magdeburg last night.

A member of the ‘anti-fascist’ group suddenly ran towards Wagenknecht as she sat listening to the presenter at the podium, shoving the cake in her face.

The attacker was escorted out of the venue raising his hands while some of his associates delivered handfuls of leaflets outlining their case.

On its flyers the group, which calls itself the ‘Anti-Fascist Initiative Cake for Misanthropists’, pointed towards Ms. Wagenknecht’s stance on migrants as the motive for the attack.

The Left Party is the biggest opposition group in the German Parliament, but its support has slipped as the anti-migrant Alternative for Germany has grown.

Ms. Wagenknecht is very much on the left of the party and has argued that they should pursue radical and anti-capitalist goals, thereby remaining distinct from the more moderate Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Green Party.

She has also expressed strong support for the rise of left-wing leaders in Latin America, such as Hugo Chávez, and for SYRIZA’s 2015 electoral victory in Greece.


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