WATCH: LGBT Author Storms Off TV During Orlando Terror Discussion, ‘You Don’t Understand Because You’re Not Gay’

Left-wing activist and ‘Remain’ campaigner Owen Jones stormed off a Sky News set tonight during a discussion about the Orlando terror attacks that have so far claimed 50 lives. He claimed homosexuals are under-represented in the media said that the host of the programme could not understand the attacks because he is not gay.

While it is commonly accepted that homosexuals are actually over-represented in the media, Mr. Jones aimed his live tantrum at co-presenters Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mark Longhurst, the latter of whom he asserted could not understand the Orlando attack because he is not gay.

Mr. Jones also seemed intent on deflecting the blame for the attack away from Islamic State despite the facts that the terror group already claimed responsibility, and that the perpetrator of the attack, Omar Mateen, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

Halfway through the segment Mr. Jones declares, “I’ve had enough of this, I’m going home,” before removing his microphone and storming off set.

Up until that point the conversation had focused on the press coverage of the incident, with his co-hosts offering anti-gun ownership positions as well as reflecting on the fact that the attack appeared to be aimed at LGBT people due to Mr. Mateen’s religiously-motivated beliefs.

Despite the massive left-wing bias on the programme, Mr. Jones was still immediately visibly irked by the fact that anyone was raising Islamic terrorism and not simply talking about the attack in an LGBT context.

He claimed at one point that the attack was the worst perpetrated against LGBT people “since the Holocaust” but was quick to compare it to the 1999 nail bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Old Compton Street in London, where one straight person and two gay men were killed by Neo Nazi David Copeland.

And Mr. Jones made further excuses for radical Islam, claiming the terrorist: “had no strong religious convictions whatsoever” adding: “This is a homophobic terrorist, whatever else he is. He has some twisted view of Islamic fundamentalism to justify it”.

And he attacked the mainstream media for not having enough gay people on television:

“On lots of news channels there have not been many LGBT voices, people have to understand that they look at something like this and it is one of the worst atrocities committed against LGBT people in the Western world for generations and it has to be talked about as such… You do not understand this because you are not gay… This is a deliberate attack on LGBT people in an LGBT venue, do you not understand that? He did not just pick a random club out of nowhere. He picked a club because it was full of people who he perceived as being full of deviance.”

He also described gay clubs as “places of solidarity”.


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