Danish Populists Call To Topple Government To Stop Muslim Migration

Danish referendum

A prominent member of the Danish People’s Party has called for the toppling of the Danish government to push through a temporary ban on Muslim migration.

One of the most influential members of the Danish People’s Party (DF), Søren Krarup, has called on the party to call for a vote of no confidence of the minority government of current Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

According to Mr. Krarup, bringing down the Danish government is the only way to enact a temporary ban on Muslim migration into the country, and accuses the current Prime Minister of caring more about European Union (EU) “supra nationalism” than what he calls the Christian identity of Denmark, reports The Local.

Mr. Krarup, who is also a vicar in the Danish Lutheran Church, is widely regarded by the DF for his writings and ideas on conservatism and Christianity in Denmark. The 78 year old has written 26 books on matters of Christianity and conservatism leading many to call him the chief ideologue of the party. The proposal that Mr. Krarup wants to put forward is a temporary ban on all Muslim migration into Denmark for a period of four to six years, but he does not believe the current Prime Minister will ever pass such a controversial law.

“In my opinion, the Danish People’s Party should topple the [Lars] Løkke [Rasmussen] government without reflection,” Mr. Krarup said in an interview with Danish paper Berlingske, adding, “Løkke is a completely unqualified leader, who would rather cultivate a European supra-nationalism than to treat Denmark as a Christian country with our own historical context.”

The original proposal, which echoes the words of U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, was written by Søren Espersen, deputy leader of the DF, in an opinion piece. The ruling Liberal party made it clear that they did not agree with the proposal because they claimed it would unfairly discriminate against migrants based solely upon their religious views.

Mr. Krarup slammed the reaction of the Liberal party saying: “It is obvious that it is Islam that is the threat. It is Muslim immigration that is the problem. That is why I would topple the [Lars] Løkke [Rasmussen] government and I would do it based on Søren Espersen’s excellent message.”

The populist DF have been making waves in the Danish political scene over the past year due to their stance against mass migration and radical Islam. The party, which wants to see more control over the Danish borders, have said that the Brexit vote could lead to them proposing a similar exit from the EU.

The party was also behind a controversial law to dissuade migrants from coming to Denmark by seizing their valuables in order to offset the cost of housing and feeding them. A spokesman for the DF summed up the intention of the law saying: “What we are saying to refugees is: if you want to come to Europe you had better steer clear of Denmark.”


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