Merkel Ally: Migrant Rioters Aren’t Welcome Here

Joerg Koch/Getty Images

A member of Bavaria’s conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) has said that rioting migrants from Bautzen aren’t welcome after a protest group invited them to Munich.

Domestic policy spokesman for the CSU in Bavaria, Florian Herrmann, has slammed a pro-migrant protest organisation that he claims are inviting rioters to a protest camp in the middle of Munich.

The migrants invited to the Munich protest are those who participated in the riots in the town of Bautzen last week that saw 20 asylum seekers start fights with local residents. Over 100 police were dispatched to defuse the situation.

Mr. Herrmann stated categorically that no violent, underage migrants were welcome in Bavaria, reports German paper Junge Freiheit.

“It is outrageous that the fundamental right to freedom is abused to provide rioters a stage,” Mr. Herrmann said after learning that the organisers of the makeshift migrant camp protest in Munich’s Sendlinger Tor had called for the Bautzen migrants to come and show “solidarity”.

“If the refugees at Sendlinger Tor show solidarity with the rioters of Bautzen and invite them to Munich, it shows that they are looking for escalation and not dialogue,” he said.

The protest in the heart of Munich began in the beginning of September, with around 50 migrants and pro-migrant activists participating. The group claim that they are protesting against unfair deportations and said that their democratic rights were being threatened by the government and by alleged racist attacks.

In a letter, the group expressed support for the rioters in Bautzen writing: “We have great respect for your courage and resistance there in Bautzen. Stay strong! You are not alone – your struggle is our struggle.”

The letter continues: “You must not remain trapped in your camps in Bautzen. We cannot be beaten by the racist social conditions,” and called for the migrants to all “fight together” against the authorities, leading to speculation of further rioting.

The situation has led the CSU politician to consider stopping the protest in Munich, and said that the Bavarian police are already monitoring the group’s activities. Mr. Herrmann also questioned why the migrants came to Germany during the migrant crisis if they considered the nation ‘oppressive’ and in need of being fought against.

The protest in Munich bears similarity to the actions of migrants and their European activists in Calais and Idomeni. Earlier this year, activists were accused of attempting to inflame tensions and incite violence against locals and authorities by encouraging migrants to riot.

In both the Calais and Idomeni cases, pro-migrant activists were arrested but released shortly thereafter.


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