Lily Allen Calls Jewish Man ‘Nazi’, Says He Should Be ‘Twice as Ashamed’ for Calais Migrants 

Lily Allen Calais 1

A man of Jewish descent is demanding an apology after pop singer Lily Allen labelled him a “Nazi” for not supporting mass migration and told him to be “twice as ashamed” because he is Jewish.

Ms. Allen hit the headlines earlier this week after the BBC made a film about her visiting the Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant camp in northern France, where she apologised “on behalf of my country” to an Afghan migrant there.

A man known as Malcolm took issue her comments on Twitter, insisting he and the nation had nothing to apologise for. “The antics of that no mark @lilyallen!! Where the F does she get off [sic] apologising for the UK! Not in my name, you idiot!” he wrote on the social media site.

Ms. Allen responded: “Your grandchildren will be apologising for you and your hatrid [sic] in years to come just like the Germans do for the Nazis.”

He then explained: “I am a Jew with family that perished in the Nazi death camps! Your comparison is offensive!”

She declined to apologise, instead claiming the man was even guiltier by virtue of this ethnic and religious background: “Then you should be twice as ashamed.”

Explaining his original Tweet on the Jon Gaunt show, Malcolm said: “I was disgusted. It was typical BBC. It was the tears… not taking a grasp of the situation.”

Reacting to Ms. Allen’s insults, he said: “What Lily Allen doesn’t know is that I’m a Jew that had relatives – grandparents and aunts and uncles – that perished in the holocaust, in the Nazi death camps.”

“I want an apology from her – the way that she apologised for the UK”, he added.

Unrepentant, Ms. Allen dismissed criticism today, claiming it is “delusional to think it is beyond a tabloid newspaper to take quotes out of context or indeed make them up entirely to support narrative.”

Despite Ms. Allen’s attacks on Britain, the Afghan migrant she apologised to on behalf of the country, Shamsher Sherin, later thanked the British army for coming to his country to fight the Taliban.

He told the Daily Mail that Britain “didn’t make any problems for me in Afghanistan”.

Reacting to this revelation, Ms. Allen compared the British military to Islamic State terrorists, and once against apologised on behalf of the nation.

“ISIS kill innocent people… they cause horrific pain and destruction across the world [and] so do we. I’m sorry for that”, she wrote in a statement.


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