UK Jewish Leader Urges Apology Over Labour Anti-Semitism

LONDON (AP) — The president of one of the U.K.’s main Jewish groups called Thursday on the leader of the Labour Party to make an “abject apology” to British Jews for allowing anti-Semitism to fester in the left-of-center opposition party.


Labour Still in Turmoil Over Hitler Row

LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s main opposition Labour Party was in turmoil Thursday just weeks before local elections, after deciding not to expel a senior party member who made comments about Adolf Hitler and Zionism.


Oxford Student Leader Resigns as Vote Endorses Israel Apartheid Week

The Times of Israel reports: A co-chairman of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) resigned Monday night in protest over the society’s endorsement of Israel Apartheid Week. In a sharply worded statement, Alex Chalmers claimed that “a large proportion of

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Britain Moves to Punish Universities, Councils Boycotting Israel

The British government is preparing to follow the US in implementing legislation prohibiting public bodies from perusing discriminatory ‘boycotts’ of Israeli goods, services and cultural products. Under provisions of the new law, the government will be able to prosecute publicly funded local councils,

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CUFI Declares War on Anti-Semitism

One year after their 2006 debut, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) consisted of less than 8900 members. As they celebrate their tenth anniversary, CUFI proudly proclaims itself the largest Israel advocacy organization in the world, with a membership of nearly 2.8 million.

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Poll Claims 25% of Israelis Fear a Second Holocaust

The Times of Israel reports: Israelis are worried for the future of world Jewry, a new poll has found, with a quarter of respondents believing another Holocaust could take place and almost a third agreeing that European Jews should move


Jordanian Air Force Dismisses Pilot Who Refused To Visit Israel

A Jordanian air force pilot has allegedly been discharged from the Hashemite kingdom’s air force after he refused to visit Israel as part of a joint military venture between the two neighboring countries. Social media users on the east bank of

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Leading Rabbi: ‘UK Is Known As A Country Hostile To Israel’

An American rabbi has accused British academics of undermining the nation’s traditions of free speech by allowing students to refuse Jewish speakers a platform at their establishments. He said that the UK was becoming well known for its hostility towards