Published: 1,200 Cologne New Year’s Eve Migrant Attacks Eye Witness Testimonies

New Year's Eve Sex Attacks

A German psychologist has published testimonies from police reports of the New Year’s Eve Cologne sex attacks showing the victims’ fear and the total lack of police presence.

None of the 1,300 victims of sexual assault, rape, and theft are present at the formal investigation into the New Year’s Eve Cologne sex attacks that is currently underway in Dusseldorf.

However, Rudolf Egg, a Wiesbaden legal psychologist, is trying to give victims a voice by quoting from over 1,200 different police reports of 1,000 of the victims that tell a story of fear, sexual victimisation, and a failure of the police to protect women on New Year’s Eve last year, reports Die Welt.

One woman, who had been the victim of migrants groping her, gave testimony that blasted police saying: “Unfortunately, the police were there but not very helpful. An official said to me, ‘You’re from Cologne – you know you can’t celebrate here’.”

“It is intolerable that some women were given the feeling that they asked for this,” Egg noted. He said that police on the night had created a “legal vacuum” that allowed the migrant perpetrators free reign to act with impunity.

The psychologist gave his testimony, on what is now day 47 of the hearing, saying that he found over 200 direct claims of sexual assault, while the hearing had previously only addressed 11.

The quotes from the police reports paint a shocking picture with one woman describing how she witnessed consecutive and incessant attacks on women in the square next to the Cologne train station and cathedral. “They shot firecrackers at mothers with prams,” she said.

Another report described the situation as a “state of emergency”, and added that there were no police to be found in the area. One woman who did see police claimed that they stood by and did nothing to prevent or stop the assaults.

Mr. Egg went on to say that the reason for the attacks and the frequency was largely due to police inaction. He claimed that the migrants saw an opportunity to act in that manner because no one was stopping them. Egg said that the view of the migrants was simply: “Today, everything is permitted.”

Of the 1,200 complaints to police that night, 500 were sexual assaults or rapes. A total of 1,300 victims have been accounted for and of the multiple attackers so far only a handful have been either caught or put on trial. One migrant tried in court was given a suspended sentence and laughed as he walked free.

Breitbart London previously reported on the analysis of Rudolf Egg when he spoke out about the Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks, remarking they were not spontaneous and had been arranged by the migrants in advance. The psychologist said the meeting of so many migrants in one place at one time was not down to chance, and had been achieved by word of mouth, and planning by Facebook messenger.


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