WATCH: Danish Socialists Launch Anti-Trump GOTV Campaign

Trump Bus

A socialist political party in Denmark has launched an intervention into the United States presidential campaign, encouraging Americans abroad to vote against the Republican candidate.

Busses plastered with a huge picture of Donald Trump’s face, with the rear wheels of the vehicle transformed into spinning “googly eyes”, have been seen driving around Copenhagen, the Danish capital.

The ads, which read “Americans Abroad: Vote”, were created by the Socialist People’s Party (SF) of Denmark, a left wing and Green political party. Aksel Larsen, a former leader of the Communist Party of Denmark, founded SF in 1959.

The ads are just the latest example of foreign, left-wing groups attempting to help defeat Trump. In September, the George Soros-linked Avaaz network launched a similar campaign, claiming America’s 8 million “global citizens” are more likely to be “progressive” and vote for Hillary.

A huge 88 per cent of them did not register in the last presidential election, and this “secret swing state” could win the race for the Democrat, analysis suggests.

Speaking to broadcaster DR, SF leader Pia Olsen Dyhr said she finds the idea of a Trump presidency “frightening”.

“It is meant to be a bit funny. One can’t be in doubt that it was done tongue in cheek. We want to tell American citizens: ‘Remember to vote, it has consequences’,” she said.

The U.S. Department of Defense has also been sponsoring articles urging Americans abroad to vote. They appeared on an anti-Trump website simultaneously running articles by a Democrat Party activist instructing the same ex-pats to “vote for Hillary Clinton in November” to help “stop Trump”.

According to Avaaz, these potential voters are more likely to be “progressive” as 56 per cent of U.S. ex-pats in the UK, for example, have masters degrees and overwhelmingly donated to Democratic candidates in the last three presidential primaries.

Furthermore, a recent study by Oxford University found that “America’s overseas voters… could decide the US presidency in 2016”. When combined, the potential 8 million voters around the world “would make up the 13th largest state”, campaigners say.


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