Toronto’s Muslim Police Chaplain Investigated After Claiming Women ‘Sin’ By Refusing Husbands Sex, Girls Ready to Marry At Puberty

Musleh Khan/Facebook

The Toronto Police Union has expressed concerns over a presentation given by a Muslim police chaplain who claims that women “sin” if they do not consent to sex with their husbands.

The new police chaplain, Musleh Khan, claims to be an expert on marriage counselling. But a leaked presentation shows that, like many traditional Muslims, he views that the wife must always be totally obedient to their husband, reports The Star.

According to Mr. Khan, a woman must always consent to sexual relations when her husband demands it. He says that the only valid reasons for her not to are sickness or obligatory fasting during a holy time like the month of Ramadan.

“Without a valid reason then she committed a major sin,” he said.

He then proceeded to tell any women listening: “So sisters it’s part of your act of worship towards Allah that you try to respond to this as best as you can as part of your duties as the wife.” He then continued to say that women should seek permission from their husbands merely to leave their home.

In a question and answer session in 2015 at Ummah Nabawiah Mosque in Etobicoke, Ontario, Mr. Khan explained that the proper age for a girl to be married is whenever she hits puberty.

Talking on the subject of Mohammed’s marriage to nine-year-old Aisha in the Koran, he said: “Nine-year-olds back then are comparable to 20- to 30-year-olds now.” He insisted that you cannot compare the two time periods, saying: “Back then at nine years old you were mature enough and you could get married.” 

Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack has claimed to have been barraged by emails on the subject of the chaplain’s views. He said that Mr. Khan “needs to clarify his comments” and added: “I think a lot of our members have an issue with that type of viewpoint.”

Many see the Canadian federal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as much softer on the topics of terrorism and Islamisation compared to former conservative Prime Minister Steven Harper.

Trudeau and his government campaigned on not supporting a ban on the full face burka, stopping Islamic State combat missions, and have even refused to call the terror group by their name, opting for ‘Daesh’ instead.

Despite several attacks, for which Islamic State has claimed responsibility, or where the perpetrators have pledged allegiance to the terror group, the Canadian government remains focused on anti-Islamophobia legislation.  On Thursday Trudeau’s government passed a motion in parliament to condemn anyone who criticises the religion or vandalises mosques.

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