FARAGE: I Am Prepared to Help Britain Work with President Trump

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

When historians look back at 2016, it will stand out as the year that changed everything.

The joyous Brexit result was the first brick knocked out of the establishment wall. What followed with the victory of Donald J. Trump has still not sunk in with the very establishment that he beat.

But the world has changed. And people need to face up to this.

For my own part I can scarcely believe what has happened. Twenty-five years of grind and constant disappointment has, after all, been worth it.

In some ways backing the Trump campaign was even harder than battling for Brexit. I received almost total condemnation including from many senior figures in my own party.

My belief that it was the right thing to do went as far as putting on a pretty big bet, at least by my standards.

As the results came through I experienced that Brexit feeling all over again.

It was a great surprise and pleasure when the President-elect made time to meet me. I was with Arron Banks and some close friends including Breitbart’s own Raheem Kassam.

We found a thoughtful, reflective Trump who was already working on ideas to make the lives of ordinary Americans better.

His energy and indomitable spirit are beyond doubt and I do believe he has all of the qualities needed to be a great President.

Nothing could have prepared me though for what came next. Like a bolt from the blue Trump tweeted out that I would do a great job as the UK’s Ambassador to Washington.

I can still scarcely believe that he did that though speaking to a couple of his long time friends perhaps I am a little less surprised.

They all say the same thing: that Trump is a very loyal man and supports those that stand by him.

It is called trust and it is how the whole world of business operates. Sadly, the cesspit that is career politics understands nothing of this. In their world the concept of trust is transitory.

The political revolution of 2016 now sees a new order in charge of Washington. In the United Kingdom the people have spoken but the players at the top have, I am afraid, stayed the same.

Those who supported Remain now hold senior positions. Worst still, those who were openly abusive about Trump now pretend to be his friend.

It is career politics at its worst and it is now getting in the way of the national interest.

I have said since the now famous photograph with Donald Trump ten days ago that I would do anything to help our national interest and to help cement ties with the incoming Anglophile administration.

At every stage I am greeted by negative comments coming out of Downing Street. The dislike of me, UKIP, and the referendum result is more important to them than what could be good for our country.

I have known several of the Trump team for years and I am in a good position with the President-elect’s support to help. The world has changed and its time that Downing Street did too.


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