Poll of Economists Reveals No Brexit Recession, UK will get Bi-Lateral Trade Deal

Trade Deal

Reuters — Britain will most likely leave the European Union having signed a bilateral trade agreement, according to a Reuters poll of economists on Tuesday that also suggested there remains little chance of the country slipping into recession.

Since the June 23 decision to leave the EU, Britain’s economy has performed much better than had been previously feared. The Bank of England is not expected to loosen monetary policy further in the foreseeable future.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said she intends to trigger Article 50, which begins the two-year countdown to Britain’s formal departure from the EU, by the end of March. But so far there have been few clues as to what direction the divorce proceedings will take.

A bilateral agreement between the EU and Britain is the most likely outcome from the divorce, said most economists in the poll who answered an extra question ranking four possible outcomes in order of likelihood.

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