DELINGPOLE: Islamist Terror Will Test Western Liberal Values to Destruction


A policeman is stabbed to death right outside the Houses of Parliament: one of the most secure, heavily guarded areas, with more armed police on stand-by than anywhere in London.

Whoever the terrorist turns out to be he knew exactly what he was doing. The signal he sent out to the British people (and all the tourists who have ever visited Britain or are planning to visit Britain) was a very clear one: if we can get you here we can get you anywhere.

The killings happened beneath one of the world’s most famous landmarks: the tower of Big Ben overlooking Westminster Bridge and Parliament Square.

How many of us have not walked beneath it and mused nervously what a prime terrorist target it would be?

Then, probably, we will have corrected ourselves: “No, they’d never try it here. Too many police. Too obvious.”

Well, sorry. But they just did.

And now, as per usual on these occasions, the bien-pensant twonks on Twitter are seizing the opportunity to virtue-signal and dodge the issue by pretending it’s all about something else and nothing to do with the Religion of Peace (TM).

And now, look, here’s the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan, the guy who once called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” – come to reassure us with his consoling message.

Oh they won’t, will they? Well if they won’t they are bloody stupid.

Of course, they’re cowed. They’d be mad not to be cowed. Currently, they inhabit a culture in which the entire apparatus of authority – the police, the schools, the universities, the social services, local government, the media, the politicians, the Mayor of London – is bent on denying something everyone knows to be true but which you can’t mention aloud without fear of being accused of racism or Islamophobia or insensitivity.

There’s a significant minority of our population which has no interest in integrating with our culture. And which would either quite happily kill us or applaud quietly (or not-so-quietly) when it happens because, hey, we’re not humans – we’re just kufar.

Western liberal values are being pushed to the limit. One day, they’re going to reach breaking point.


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