Asylum Seekers Suspected of Killing Child To Receive Cash Payouts from Swedish Government

Luc Ravaz (R) and Aurelie Cerceau (L), defenders of Bruno Cholet, a serial rapist who operated an illegal taxi in central Paris, for the 2008 kidnapping and murder of Swedish student Susanna Zetterberg, arrive at the courtroom at the courthouse in Paris, on September 4, 2012, before the trial. Cholet, …

A pair of asylum seekers are expected to receive over £14,000 each after both being acquitted of killing their infant daughter because prosecutors couldn’t decide which parent committed the act.

In June of last year, a five-month-old child was found dead in an asylum home in the Swedish town of Sunne. The infant had been physically beaten and received trauma to the head, and she later died in a hospital in Karlstad.

The mother and father of the child were arrested and put on trial, but due to the fact that the prosecution could not determine which of the parents killed the baby, the mother was acquitted and could receive a cash payment from the government for damages Swedish paper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen reports.

The 26-year-old mother was on trial for three months before the court made its verdict. During the course of the trial both the mother and father of the child produced conflicting stories, each blaming the other for the infant’s death.

Prosecutor Barbro Brännlund said: “We know the time and place and that one of them did it. But their stories differ greatly and we can not prove which version is true, so there is no way to prosecute anyone.”

Also during the trial process, the mother of the child was found to have lied about her own identity to the court. Despite this, she has sought damages of just over £14,000. The prosecutor attempted to get the amount reduced because the woman lied about her identity, but this was denied by the court.

Ulf Ljungqvist, the lawyer for the 20-year-old father said he will also seek similar damages for his client. He defended the payment of money saying: “It is a result of the fact we live in a society governed by law. That’s how it looks if you are found innocent.” The judgement of the court cannot be appealed.

Violence in asylum homes has been prevalent during the migrant crisis and often it takes the shape of domestic abuse. In a German asylum home, a Syrian man attempted to kill his three children by throwing them out of a window. Two of the children suffered injuries while their one-year-old sister escaped the ordeal without serious injury.

In April of last year, another Syrian man beat his wife so hard he ended up killing her. According to reports the man argued with his wife constantly and beat her regularly along with their children. 

Late last year a Chechen migrant also killed his wife by throwing her out of a window, going outside and then stabbing her to death. The 31-year-old accused his wife of being unfaithful before killing her and was later arrested by police for her murder. 

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