EXCLUSIVE: UKIP’s Deselected Islam Critic says Nuttall ‘Not Prepared to Answer Difficult Questions on Islam’

'Islam kills women' demo called by Anne-Marie Waters outside Parliament , London

UK Independence Party leader Paul Nuttall is “not prepared to answer difficult questions on Islam,” says Anne Marie Waters, the former Lewisham East candidate for the party who was recently deselected for her criticism of the Muslim faith.

Ms. Waters, speaking exclusively to Breitbart London just ahead of the confirmation that her candidacy has been terminated, explained that she does not want to cause a fuss inside the party, and that she accepts whatever decision the UK Independence Party (UKIP) takes.

But she was also clear in her comments that the political party, which took the Brexit movement to victory in 2016, needs to adapt or face electoral consequences.

“I haven’t yet received any formal notification from the [National Executive Committee],” she said on Monday afternoon.

“I won’t cause a fuss and I accept the decision, however if there is any appeal method, I intend to use it”.

“The party needs a change in direction if it is to survive, and perhaps that change will come after the general election. [The] fact of the matter is that [party leader] Paul Nuttall is not prepared to answer difficult questions on Islam. To deselect me only days after announcing robust policies related to Islam, he now appears weak in his resolve.

Commenting on why the party appears to have lost confidence on the issue just days after announcing tough news policies on the burka and female genital mutilation, Ms. Waters suggested media pressure may have played a part.

“Perhaps the press grilling, which should have been anticipated, proved too much. If the party is going to have policies such as banning the burqa, or outlawing sharia councils, then they have to have both the courage and the knowledge to defend and promote these policies. I think perhaps the idea was to gain the votes with the policies, but still retain the necessary political correctness while discussing those policies. That can’t be done – its no good wanting to outlaw sharia if you’re not prepared to be critical of Islam, and it seems that Paul Nuttall is not, which is why, sadly, these policies will not have the impact they could have had, and UKIP will feel this on polling day”.

UKIP supporters across the country have been venting their frustrations about the termination of Ms. Waters’s candidacy, with many suggesting they would simply not vote for the party, or even end their memberships if the ban remained in place.

Ms. Waters, however, wants to continue representing the party and said she intends to focus on the county elections taking place on May 4th.

A spokesman for the UK Independence Party told Breitbart London:  “The nomination was not ratified by the NEC”.


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