‘To Hell with the Will of the People!’ – Four out of Five Sky News Panellists Oppose Brexit

Sky News, the major rival to the publicly-funded BBC in Britain, has aired a show in which four out of five panellists called for Brexit to be overturned by MPs or subject to a second referendum.

Boris Johnson’s sister Rachel Johnson, one of the regular contributors to the network’s flagship discussion show The Pledge, began the segment by claiming that leaving the European Union would see Britain “self-destruct”, and reminded viewers that Theresa May recently refused to say whether she would vote Remain again in another referendum three times.

“[It’s] as if the PM and most of the Cabinet know they’re taking the country to the cliff edge — but it’s the will of the people, what’s the alternative?” she asked rhetorically.

“I say there is an alternative: before we self-destruct, whether no deal or a bad deal, find a spine and allow Parliament a proper vote on the deal before we go over the cliff in a bucket, and to hell with the will of the people!” she cried, while fellow panellist and former Remain campaign hireling June Sarpong nodded enthusiastically.

“Leave this one to the MPs.”

Another two panellists, LBC presenter and former Islamist Maajid Nawaz and former BBC Director-General Greg Dyke, both advanced the major argument of Remainer holdouts, which is that whatever deal comes out of the negotiations should be put to another referendum — with the UK remaining in the EU if it is rejected.

Only Newcastle-born Carole Malone spoke — with some difficulty — in favour of actually executing the Brexit vote, asking: “Do you understand the concept of democracy?” prompting a theatrical sigh from Ms. Johnson.

“Greg just said he hopes MPs will do what their consciences and their party tells them. No, do what your constituents told you!”

“No,” cut in Johnson with a sneer. “You don’t understand Burkean parliamentary democracy at all, Carole.”

Edmund Burke, considered by most to be the founding philosopher of conservatism – although he was an Old Whig, so far as party affiliation is concerned – did indeed famously say that “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”

This quote is much more popular with politicians than one of Burke’s other famous sayings: “I am not one of those who think that the people are never wrong … But I do say, that in all disputes between them and their rulers, the presumption is at least upon a par in favour of the people!”

“Carole, I know you get very cross about this, and you go on and on about the will of the people in almost everything you say, but do you know why referenda [sic] are banned in Germany?” pressed Johnson.

“Because they lead to mob rule. If you put, as we’ve discussed before, the death penalty to a referendum, the will of the people would say let’s restore the death penalty.

“The reason we have elected MPs is because we don’t have mob rule in this country, Carole, which I think is quite a good thing.”

Johnson also praised the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, for declaring that MPs “absolutely” have the right “to say No, to try to persuade other members of parliament to say No, and to hope that No might delay Brexit or prevent Brexit”.

“I think Speaker John Bercow has done the country a huge favour,” she said. “He’s said he voted Remain, and he’s also reminded the county that Parliament is sovereign. MPs can do what they want; they are not bound by the result of this referendum.

“It is an advisory referendum which Theresa May is executing against her own will.”

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