Whistleblower Schoolteacher: Mass Migration, Radical Islam Making Education Impossible

Radicalisation of Islam
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An experienced teacher from a heavily migrant-occupied neighbourhood in a German city has said the spread of radical Islamism is creating divisions in society and turning young children against education.

The claim that educational attainment, as well as attitudes towards work and school, have all suffered recently because of a “gigantic integration problem” and radical Islam comes just days after a new report revealed the number of teachers being forced to report their elementary-aged pupils to the authorities for radical Salafist views is rising.

Writing for Germany’s Welt broadsheet, teacher Ingrid König described her local area as an economically deprived one, sandwiched between an arterial road and a railway, which suffers from lack of investment and which has long been a home to migrant communities. Yet the teacher has chosen to speak out only now to describe a sudden change in the attitude of new migrant arrivals, which she finds distinct from earlier generations of Turks, Yugoslavs, Poles, Romanians, and Russians whose children she has taught from past migrant waves.

Remarking “every immigrant generation had its difficulties, but you could handle that”, König said the new Syrian and Afghan migrant children were years behind their migrant counterparts from previous generations of arrivals in learning ability — a discrepancy she blamed on “the radicalisation of Islam”.

Identifying “a gigantic integration problem that has been ignored for far too long” which requires “tremendous manpower and resources to be overcome”, the teacher said in addition to language barriers, the “fully veiled” migrant parents of her pupils also had “mental disorders”, were alcoholics, or just could not get out of bed in the morning. These parents do not encourage their children to do any additional study at home, nor do they tell their children to respect their teachers, she said.

While König said her typical classes at school were now between “90 to 100 per cent immigrant children”, there are now schools in Central Europe where migrant trends are even more pronounced. Breitbart London reported on two Austrian schools where every child is from a migration background, and where not a single child speaks German as a first language — and that there are presently more Muslim children enrolled at schools in Vienna than there are Catholics.

Ingrid König’s first-hand account of teaching in a heavily migrant area and having to deal with rising extremism comes just days after a report from Nuremberg, Germany, where the radicalisation hotline set up by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees was found as being increasingly used by teachers to report their own elementary school age pupils for Salafist, Islamist tendencies.

Der Western reports that in hundreds of cases, “children have their socialisation from a Salafist environment – that is, the parents themselves are already radicalised” — and that the effects were visible in not just Muslim migrant families, but in cases of native German families who had converted to Islam, as well.

Finding that Islamist propaganda was “specially tailored” to younger people and women, a Radicalisation Action Centre spokesman said the material showed jihadist fighters as heroes that young girls should aspire to marry.

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