Asylum Seeker Sentenced for Lewd Public Acts in Front of Women and Children

An empty swing is pictured at a Berlin playground on June 23, 2016. Is it possible to regret becoming a mother? The question first posed by an Israeli researcher has stirred a debate in Germany like in no other country, shattering a long-held taboo. / AFP / John MACDOUGALL / …

An Eritrean asylum seeker in Germany has been sentenced to a year and three months in prison after being found guilty of exposing himself and masturbating in public in front of women and a 12-year-old girl.

The 27-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea was found guilty by a court in June this year and has now his sentence has been finalised by the District Court of Augsburg after he withdrew an appeal, Augsburger Allgemeine reports.

The incidents occurred between September and December last year and saw the 27-year-old expose himself on eight separate occasions at a swimming pool, a local playground, and along a park pathway in the town of Aichach. In several incidents, the man is also said to have started masturbating in front of the women, which included a 12-year-old girl on one occasion.

In addition to charges of immoral behaviour and exhibitionism, the man was also charged with child abuse.

The women in the case described their experiences saying that the man made eye contact with them and then began to undress. Police were able to catch the asylum seeker in a public park after one of the women quickly ran to police following an encounter with him.

While bizarre, the case is not the first time recent migrants to Europe have been caught committing lewd acts in public including masturbation.

Staff at a swimming pool in Zwickau, Saxony, claimed to have caught migrants defecating in the children’s pool, masturbating into the jacuzzi, and terrorising other patrons. In response, the pool banned migrants from the premises.

Last year in Swansea, an Iraqi asylum seeker was caught masturbating outside a Primark shop and afterwards attempted to explain himself by saying he had run out of money for prostitutes.

In the Swedish city of Kristianstad, asylum seekers were accused of masturbating inside a local church as well as urinating and defecating on the grounds. The situation deteriorated so much that the church had to hire security guards because many worshippers did not feel safe in the church.

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