WATCH: Polish Government Releases Video Blasting EU’s Record on Migrant Crisis and Terrorism

Poland’s conservative government has released a hard-hitting video on the impact of the migrant crisis on Europe, and the EU’s role in fostering it.

The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration video opens on scenes of migrants streaming across the European countryside, tearing at border fences, and crowding smuggler boats.

“Over the past four years, waves of the largest mass migration sweep across Europe,” observes an unseen narrator.

The video shows various newspaper headlines featuring EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, and President of the European Council Donald Tusk, and highlighting their determination to see migrants redistributed across the continent through a compulsory quota system — something Poland’s governing Law and Justice Party opposes.

“We have consistently opposed the relocation mechanism imposed by European Union leaders,” the narrator notes, showing a clip of Mariusz Błaszczak, the interior minister, explaining that Poland’s allies in the Visegrád Group of Central European countries are united on this issue.

“We were the first to say that not every immigrant is a refugee, and only a few are fleeing from war and terror. Our predictions have come true,” the narrator continues.

“There have been confirmed cases where people involved with terrorist organisations have entered Europe among refugees,” he reminds viewers, with accompanying footage of Islamic State fighters, and Islamist attacks in London, Berlin, and Barcelona.

“Although many attacks have been thwarted, there has been a wave of terrorist attacks in Europe.”

“This problem is connected with what [Western] Europe has been struggling with — decades of a policy of multiculturalism and political correctness,” observes Błaszczak.

The video describes how the sheer scale of the migrant crisis has “overmatched” EU leaders, showing footage of Angela Merkel saying she wishes she could “go back in time” and “better prepare myself for this crisis”.

It ends on a more upbeat note, however, observing that Poland’s responsible, strong borders approach both at home and abroad — with Polish border guards providing security in 18 other countries — are beginning to reap dividends, and suggesting the EU may be beginning to realise that its migrant quotas will not be accepted.

“Two years after the Polish government opposed taking in illegal immigrants, Europe has opened its eyes and admitted we were right.”

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