Pizza Hut Forced to Apologise for Sun Promotion After Attack By Far-Left Campaign to Shutter Right-Wing Media

Pizza Hut

‘Stop Funding Hate’ (SFH) has been accused of trying to deprive working-class Brits of a free pizza after the campaign group — which aims to shut down right-of-centre newspapers in the UK — forced Pizza Hut to apologise for holding a promotional deal with The Sun.

The restaurant chain’s apology for offering readers of the red-top tabloid the chance to claim a free pizza comes just two weeks after Paperchase pulled advertising from the Daily Mail after the company was “bullied” on social media by the far-left campaign group.

Twitter greeted the post with largely hostile responses, with one user telling Pizza Hut to “grow some backbone and stop with the grovelling apologies.”

“If you succumb to this far left ideology and pressure, I shall never spend another penny with your company again. Stay out of politics,” added another.

Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam took aim at those behind the SFH campaign, lamenting that the restaurant was “forced to apologise by SJWs [Social Justice Warriors] trying to deprive Britain’s working classes of… a free pizza.”

SFH has launched an economic war against British outlets which sometimes print stories detailing the negative consequences of mass migration, or highlighting the grip the transgender lobby holds over many of the nation’s institutions.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the campaign sent a tweet highlighting an article it presumably believes to be an example of the Daily Mail promoting “hate”: a piece which revealed that Scout leaders have been urged to remodel their vocabulary around a presumption young boys in their care could be transgender.

SFH also flagged Twitter accounts of the newspaper’s sponsors, so they could be harassed by SFH’s far-left activist base.

Commenting to PRWeek on the Pizza Hut controversy, a spokesman for SFH suggested that The Sun “is fuelling hate crime on our streets”.

SFH also replied to the pizza company’s apology tweet, linking to a piece on left-liberal ex-newspaper The Independent, which concerned a European report accusing British tabloids of using “offensive, discriminatory and provocative terminology” with regards to what it called “vulnerable groups.”

The campaign group was accused of hypocrisy, however, by Blue Labour activist and trade union official Paul Embery, who pointed out that SFH shows its support on social media for hardline europhile outlet The New European, which recently published a cartoon strip “glorifying violence” against Brexit voters — a demographic the publication has branded “resentful ruffians” and “lager louts”.

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