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Left Campaigns to Shut Down Migrant-Sceptic Newspapers

A new campaign is targeting advertisers in a bid to shut down newspapers that report crime committed by migrants, rather than covering it up. The Stop Funding Hate campaign is urging companies to pull advertising from the Sun, the Daily


Telegraph: Obesity A Threat ‘Like Terrorism’

Media hysteria in the UK is normally the province of the tabloid papers and The Guardian, but now The Telegraph has got in on the act. It has taken a report ranking obesity as a major crisis and, in a


‘Propaganda’: BBC Study Finds People Can’t Live without BBC

The BBC has been accused of publishing “propaganda” after releasing a 52-page report detailing how families cannot live without its services. The corporation commissioned a study in which 70 households volunteered to go nine days without services funded by Britain’s

MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

The Financial Times Is Definitely For Sale: Maybe

Everything is for sale if the price is right. This maxim applies to real estate and may even apply to a substantial media asset like the Financial Times – it just depends on who is doing the talking. According to Bloomberg

Everything is for sale if the price is right. This …

Meddling EU Wants To Call Time on British TV, Music and Film Industries

After successfully destroying our agricultural and fishing industries and making a start on bringing ruin to the City of London, Brussels has now revealed the next few prosperous British sectors on its hit list – our envied television, film and music industries.


Tom Rogan: ‘Profound’ Bias Against GOP in British Media

Tom Rogan, columnist for National Review and the Telegraph argued that there is a “profound” bias against Republicans in the British media on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.” “The British establishment, both right and left, love to hate Republicans. They think all Republicans