German Media Confess to Underestimating Steve Bannon: He Is ‘as Dangerous as Ever’

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Steve Bannon continues his tour of Europe, energizing the anti-establishment populist base, and the mainstream media cannot help but admit their admiration for his abilities, despite their dislike of his aims.

In this week’s issue, the left-wing German weekly Stern articulated the greatest fear of the European establishment: Bannon “could give the fragmented right in Europe a common ideology and rhetoric.”

Many thought that the reign of the “Dark Lord” had ended, wrote Gernot Kramper, when Steve Bannon left the White House and then left his role as executive chairman of Breitbart News. It turns out, however, that Bannon’s adversaries underestimated him because he is “as dangerous as ever,” he confessed.

Kramper cannot conceal his respect for Bannon’s ability to move a crowd. He was greeted by “frenetic applause” in his recent address before France’s National Front party, Kramper wrote, demonstrating his “impressive potential,” which the writer described as “dangerous.”

In the mind of his audience, Bannon is something of a miracle worker, Kramper noted, having “done the impossible” by bringing Donald Trump into the White House.

The reason Bannon is dangerous, Kramper continued, is because he “lays out the political program of a worldwide right: he has already conquered the USA; now Europe and then the whole world will follow.”

“You are part of a worldwide movement that is bigger than France, bigger than Italy, bigger than Hungary, bigger than all that,” Bannon told French populists.

Bannon showed that he “dominates the mood against the ‘elites,’ the ‘establishment’ and the ‘perverse system’ of greedy corporations and banks, and of course also against the press, which is led around ‘like a dog on the Leash,’” Kramper wrote.

And now, Mr. Bannon is setting himself up as an instigator, if not an outright shepherd, of a movement that crosses borders, languages, and parties.

“Bannon is a master of apocalyptic rhetoric,” Kramper continued, effortlessly weaving together nationalist interests with an international populist movement.

The American strategist showed his “true … caliber” by expounding modern methods of political freedom through blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, Kramper said, leaving many of his hearers behind. Bannon has demonstrated that if the right wants to rule the future, “it must dominate modern themes and rhetorically position them,” he added.

Aspiring to be far more than an uncle who tells stories to his nephews of how he won the fight for the White House, Kramper wrote, “Bannon wants to become the super godfather of the international right.”

Although Bannon often looks a bit disheveled, “he should not be underestimated,” the writer warned. Past business partners attribute impressive “strategic foresight” to the eccentric tactician, saying he was often “three or four steps ahead” of his opponents in business. Because of his phenomenal memory, his nickname is “the encyclopedia,” Kramper noted with a certain reverence, and in his speeches, he will spontaneously cite “forgotten thinkers, known only to a handful of specialists.”

“Bannon brings with him exclusive knowledge of power from the very heart of power,” according to Kramper, which he will bring to bear on Europe’s fragmented populist populism.

Additionally, Kramper said that Bannon has established his “European headquarters” in Italy, from where he intends to galvanize European populists.

The Italian political situation is completely to his liking, Kramper declared, with a political landscape “dominated by populists, right-wing ideologues and the political puppeteer Berlusconi.”

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