Somali Migrant Who Discussed Murdering the Queen and Attempted to Join Islamic State Jailed

Simon Dawson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Somali migrant Aweys Shikhey has been imprisoned after discussing murdering the Queen, the Prime Minister, British Jews, and Tottenham FC fans, before attempting to join the Islamic State.

Sentencing judge Martin Edmunds QC handed Shikhey a relatively light eight-year sentence — it is not clear how much of this will actually be spent in custody, although it is typical for British prisoners to be paroled as early as halfway through their terms — plus an extra four years on license, the Press Association reports.

“In travelling you were abandoning your two families, one in Holland and one in Kenya, behind,” the judge commented.

“On the surface you appeared to be a hard-working man, regularly sending money to your families. But under the surface you were increasingly radicalised.

“During your conversations with Abdirahman Hassan in Kenya you had discussions about the murder of David Cameron and Her Majesty the Queen and about committing atrocities against football fans and members of the Jewish community in the Tottenham area.

“These conversations, although chilling, dangerous and testament to your increasing radicalisation, were in my judgment more in the nature of fantasy than conspiracy.

“I am not sentencing you, indeed cannot sentence you, on this charge, for threatened acts of terrorism in this country.”

The Somali was sentenced, however, for attempting to travel to Syria via Turkey to join the Islamic State, having first secured £10,000 in funds from Barclays, which he claimed was a loan for a wedding.

“Given the scope of your ambition, including your fantasies about the commission of very grave terrorist acts in the UK, and your hatred for those who do not share your views, I have no hesitation in finding you to be dangerous within the meaning of the Criminal Justice Act 2003,” the judge remarked.

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