Ban Immigration-Critical Parties to Stop Genocide, Sweden Told

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Sweden has been told to ban parties calling for tighter immigration controls following a Council of Europe report urging the nation to criminalise support for “racist” groups.

“Normalising the Sweden Democrats (SD) and their racist and sexist policies is unacceptable,” said MEP Soraya Post, claiming the party presents a “major threat to our democracy and human rights” in Sweden due to having policies which “exclude minorities”.

Though polls show it has the backing of almost a quarter of over-55s and a fifth of young people, the anti-mass migration party should be prohibited for “racism”, “sexism”, and “excluding minorities”, according to the left wing politician. She also demanded a ban on Alternative for Sweden — a party recently launched by former senior SD figure Gustav Kasselstrand.

“These organisations are not acceptable in a democratic society where everyone can feel safe and entitled to participate,” Post insists. Writing in ETC magazine, she asserts that Swedes have a responsibility to shape the nation into one in which “diversity in all its forms is valued and promoted”.

“We must not forget that hatred goes hand in hand with genocide, so we must not allow it to dominate Sweden and Europe,” the Feminist Initiative (FI) figure said, before approvingly citing Justice Minister Morgan Johansson.

“We have freedom of opinion. But Nazism is not an opinion, it is a crime against humanity,” she quotes the Social Democrat politician, who made the argument earlier this year during an interview in which he demanded Youtube do more to remove “extreme” content.

Previously, Breitbart London reported how Johansson cited “freedom of speech” as to why he rejected a police chief’s call for Sweden to expel Islamic State-supporting migrants after an Islamist terror attack was carried out in Stockholm by an illegal alien that claimed five lives.

Post — whose party calls for “open borders”, sanctions on EU nations which refuse to implement far-left social policies, and “replac[ing] racists with feminists” — said her call for a ban on parties advocating stricter immigration controls has backing from Europe.

In the piece, she points to the recently published fifth report on Sweden by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), which urged the Scandinavian country do even more to crack down on individuals and organisations which express any negativity towards women or minority groups.

“ECRI notes something that is very important”, Post said, before highlighting a section of the document which chided Sweden for failing to criminalise “public denial, trivialisation, justification of or excusing racism” when the country brought in laws in 2014 establishing criminal liability for genocide.

“As a feminist and human rights activist, I will not just stand by as racial hatred and xenophobic propaganda is on the rise in our society,” said Post. “Raising our voices is not just the right thing to do, it is our shared responsibility.”


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