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One Third Of Prisoners In Germany Are ‘Foreign’ Citizens

More than 30 per cent of prisoners in Germany are “foreign”, a much higher proportion than other European countries, the Council of Europe has found. In one state, foreigners made up an astonishing 96 per cent of incarcerated peoples. Of the 65,710 prisoners

Prisoners In Germany

EU Tries Again To Sneak Prisoner Votes Into UK Law

European officials have criticised the British government for not allowing prisoners to vote and given it a year to come up with a plan to implement the demand. The Council of Europe expressed “profound concern” that the ban remains in

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Council Of Europe Concerned At Rising Racism In Germany

Europe’s top human rights watchdog on Thursday voiced concern at mounting racism in Germany, citing a wave of far-right, anti-Islam demonstrations at odds with the more recent image of a country ready to open its doors to hundreds of thousands

SCHOENEFELD, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 13: People hold a banner to welcome migrants arriving on