Kassam: 50 Years On, It’s Clear to Me That Enoch Was Right

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Last weekend the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired the now infamous ‘Birmingham Speech’ by former Member of Parliament Enoch Powell.

In a testament to the corporation’s ongoing inability to even remotely disguise its own leftist bias, the speech was not aired as a whole for people to make their own minds up about, but rather with “expert commentary” interspersed.

The broadcast — voiced by the actor who played Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine — concluded with the BBC’s Amol Rajan concluding that the speech “was racist”.

But it most evidently wasn’t, and Rajan had previously disclosed to me privately that not only was he not an expert on the speech, but that he also had little knowledge of Powell’s life and therefore the references the late-MP was making in the address.

That aside, it is evident why the liberal-left have to portray Powell as a “fascist” and his speech as “racist”.

Because he was right.

I’ve spent the past few months becoming somewhat of a Powell expert/obsessive. I’ve read almost every single word he wrote, and heard — over and again — almost every word he said that is publicly available. Much of it is incredibly hard to find, and Powell’s life remains somewhat of an enigma to people who haven’t read Simon Heffer’s excellent, one thousand page long biography entitled Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell.

For this reason, and for the fact that so many lies and untruths about Powell continue to find their way into public acceptance, I put together my own book on the matter. A digestible, brief analysis of the Birmingham Speech in the context of Powell’s life and the Britain he grew up in. I’ve called it Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On. It is released today.

I waited until today to release and announce the book, because I knew there would be a “chorus of execration” on the run up to the 50-year anniversary. I wanted to watch it play out before coming to my conclusions.

Really, I was overwhelmed with how much fake news goes unchallenged.

Earlier this week the Soros-backed group British Future released a report claiming that Powell was “wrong” about immigration into the United Kingdom because Prince Harry is marrying the mixed-race Meghan Markle. They conveniently left out the fact that Powell, as a corollary to his insistence on bringing down immigration numbers, backed the idea of intermarriage as a means of forcing integration.

Furthermore, the mass hysteria surrounding Powell tends to only apply to the people who didn’t bother reading his whole catalogue of work, and who certainly never read nor understood Virgil’s Aeneid, from which Powell was quoting in his most famous speech.

I’ve done all the legwork here, to help them out.

With an exclusive interview with Nigel Farage — who once chauffeured Powell to an historic by-election in 1993 — as well as information dug out from newspaper archives and evidence of what he meant and how he was proved correct, the book is now available on Amazon. I hope you’ll check it out, share it, and tell people why it is now beyond debate.

Enoch was right.

Raheem Kassam is the editor in chief of Breitbart London and author of Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On


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