Berlin Court Upholds Ban on Teacher’s Islamic Headscarf in Classroom

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Sean Gallup/Getty

BERLIN (AP) — A Berlin court has ruled that a law prohibiting a Muslim teacher from wearing a headscarf in a public school doesn’t violate her constitutional right to religious freedom.

The dpa news agency reported Wednesday that the Berlin labor court ruled that the city-state’s so-called neutrality law banning all religious clothing for public teachers, police officers and judicial employees wasn’t unconstitutional.

It noted that the teacher had agreed to follow the neutrality law when she was hired.

Such bans are decided on a state level in Germany and in 2015 the Federal Constitutional Court on appeal struck down a law in North Rhine-Westphalia that forbade headscarves, but exempted “Christian and Western educational and cultural values or traditions” from its ban.

The Berlin court ruling can be appealed.


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