North African Migrant Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Six Children

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

A Moroccan man has been arrested after six children were followed home and sexually assaulted on their own doorsteps in Alicante, Spain.

National police officers detained the 24-year-old last week in Elche on suspicion of committing seven crimes against sexual freedom, six of which were against children, reported El Mundo.

The specialised and violent crime unit of Alicante police said the man, who is set to appear in court Saturday, is accused of five counts of sexual assault and two of sexual abuse, a lesser charge than assault which is used in cases where violence was not involved.

An investigation opened on May 30th last year when police received two complaints of sexual assault in a neighbourhood of Alicante a few hours apart on the same day.

The man is alleged to have followed the victims to the doorway of their homes before “violently assaulting them in order to touch their private parts”, according to local media.

Detectives realised they were likely dealing with a serial sex offender after a new attacker with the same modus operandi was reported to police at the end of last year.

Though the suspect moved his area of operation to different neighbourhoods of Alicante in the months that followed, police were able to track him down after four further reports of sexual assaults which fit the pattern of the accused.

After following a number of leads, investigators were able to identify the Moroccan migrant as the likely perpetrator and proceeded to set up surveillance devices in areas where the attacks were reported to have taken place, before arresting him on Wednesday last week.

Earlier this month, Spain’s new socialist government unveiled a raft of pro-open borders measures, including extending universal healthcare to illegal immigrants, as it went out of its way to invite an NGO migrant transport boat carrying more than 600 Africans to dock in Valencia.

Madrid also announced Thursday that the cabinet intends “to do everything possible” to dismantle the barbed wire border fences separating the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in North Africa, which are regularly stormed by hordes of aggressive third world migrants reportedly willing to resort to “unusual violence” in their attempts to reach European Union soil.


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