Tommy Robinson Reveals PTSD Diagnosis to Tucker Carlson, Was Put in Cell Opposite Prison Mosque

Tommy Robinson has revealed more details of his wrongful imprisonment to American conservative Tucker Carlson, describing how he was sited opposite the prison mosque and admitting he has been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Introducing Robinson, the Fox host said the United Kingdom had “become a mere shadow of the nation that gave us freedom of speech, freedom of the press a host of other rights that we take for granted but probably should not take for granted” — and that no-one understood this better than his guest.

Robinson described to the American how he was moved from a prison with a relatively low Muslim population, where he did have to be separated from the main prison population but was able to have some human contact and exercise playing pool and snooker with the guards, to the Category C prison with the highest proportion of Muslum inmates in the country.

The resulting threat to his safety was subsequently used to justify putting him in solitary confinement for 23 and a half hours a day, with only 30 minutes walking around a small cage alone for rest and recreation.

Moreover, the cell he was confined in was sited — he believes unnecessarily — on the ground floor opposite the prison mosque, meaning he had to close and block up the window to stop spit and excrement being pushed in throughout a sweltering heatwave.

“I was supposed to be in Her Majesty’s Prison Service, not Guantanamo Bay,” Robinson told Tucker.

“My prison cell that I was put in was on the ground level — which it didn’t have to be — so it’s on the ground level, so every prisoner would walk past my cell window… the mosque for the prison was directly opposite my cell,” he explained.

“We’ve had two huge heat waves I was literally drenched [because] I had excrement and spit put through my window [and] in the end… I had to block up all of my cell windows.”

He revealed he had previously been diagnosed with a form of post-traumatic stress order, which he said had not made public because he didn’t want to “insult members of the military who have witnessed war and try and compare being locked in a cell in solitary confinement” — but raised the point to highlight that the authorities were well aware of his condition but chose to confine him in a hostile environment anyway.

Carlson appeared confused as to why Robinson had been imprisoned in the first place.

The Islam critic and anti-grooming gangs campaigner had been livestreaming outside a court room where a number of migration-background men were on trial for grooming gang related offences, reading out information about their identities and the charges against them, which Robinson insists were (and remain) in the public domain, having previously been published by outlets including the licence fee-funded BBC.

He was arrested for an alleged breach of the peace for doing so, but brought before a judge for contempt of court, on grounds that the grooming trial was subject to reporting restrictions — something which often confuses observers in the U.S., where such things do not exist thanks to the First Amendment protecting free speech and the free press.

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