Labour MP: Brexit Will End ‘Love Island’ Reality TV Show

Love Island
ITV Press Pack

A Labour MP has bizarrely claimed that Brexit will mean the wildly popular reality television show Love Island could be cancelled.

Jess Phillips, the representative for Birmingham Yardley, said Thursday that Brexit will make it harder for ITV to send the contestants to Spain.

She argued that appearing on the show, which is watched by 4.1 million people, could be considered “work” and implied Spain might not let British workers in after the divorce.

Ms Phillips told The Mirror: “To work in another country will be much more difficult and Love Island I think would be considered to be work.”

The show has sparked debate about Brexit before, with contestant Hayley Hughes saying she thought Brexit had something to do with trees.

When asked by another contestant on the show what she thought of leaving the European Union (EU), she replied: “I seriously don’t have a clue. Does that mean we won’t have any trees?”

The enlightening exchange continued when the other contestants tried to set her straight, saying: “No that’s got nothing to do with it babe, that’s weather.”

“What are yous [sic] talking about?” Ms Hughes, who is from Liverpool, replied.

A similar “project fear” Brexit claim that the UK would not be allowed to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest if it left the EU was made, despite Israel and other non-EU nations already participating.

Another recent Brexit scare story, started by government officials, was that super-gonorrhoea and other infectious diseases could overtake the country if it left the EU.

Outlets such as the BBC and Independent have also claimed a ‘No Deal’ Brexit could mean no more sandwiches, as well as butter, cheese, and yoghurt becoming hard to find.

The stories follow claims from an anonymous Tory MP close to Prime Minister Theresa May that the Government plans to “scare people witless” over the summer about the alleged effects of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit.


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