Exclusive – Watch: Top French EU Parliament Populist Praises Salvini, Trump on Migration, Slams Growing Anti-Semitism

Populist Rassemblement National (RN) member of the European Parliament Nicolas Bay has praised the migration policies of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and slammed growing anti-Semitism as a result of mass immigration and rising Islamic extremism.

Mr. Bay, who serves as co-chairman of the EU parliamentary group the Movement for Nations and Freedom (ENF), is widely considered one of France’s top populists in the European Parliament.

He sat down with Breitbart News’s Deputy Political Editor Amanda House for an exclusive interview in which he praised U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments at a recent NATO summit in which he asserted that mass migration was changing Europe.

“What he said at the NATO summit is common sense. He’s right. Europe, or rather the EU, has knowingly organised this invasion with the complicity of most European leaders and today we are facing the consequences of this anarchic immigration,” Bay said

“The EU was revealed to be absolutely ineffective because it didn’t protect the external borders of Europe, and never had the will to, while in the meantime it lowered the national borders inside of the EU.”

Two European politicians Bay did praise were Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini whose League party is also part of the ENF in the EU Parliament.

“I think Matteo Salvini is without any doubt the first acting interior minister in Western Europe to finally address the immigration issue and to clearly say that it is over — that from now on Italy will not accept uncontrolled immigration anymore,” Bay noted, praising Salvini’s move to block migrant trafficking NGOs from Italian ports.

“This is a major change and I believe it could be the starting point of a radical change in Europe — to build another Europe,” Bay said.

“The EU shows it’s a failure, it is anti-democratic, its political orientations are disastrous. But today, everywhere in Europe, there’s a growing wish to build a very different Europe.”

Bay’s comments come as many European leaders begin to look to next year’s European Parliament elections in which populist parties like the RN are expected to make major gains.

According to Bay, his vision of the future of the European Union “would respect nations and people, a Europe of cooperation, of protection, the opposite of this EU dominated by a non-elected technocratic elite, without legitimacy, who wants to decide on behalf of our peoples what has to be done.”

Anti-Semitism, particularly in France and Germany, has seen a drastic rise over the last several years with many blaming mass migration for the increasing number of attacks and incidents of harassment to Jews in major cities like Paris and Berlin.

Bay, who travelled to Israel in an attempt to forge new political ties for his party in 2017, also pressed the issue of mass migration as the main driver behind the increase saying: “I believe the rise of anti-Semitism in France and several other European countries is one of the many catastrophic consequences of both massive immigration and also of radical Islamism gaining ground in our countries.”

“Today, we’re witnessing anti-Semitism, sometimes extremely violent, brutal, from these Islamist groups living in our own soil and very recently in France we suffered once again from anti-Semitic attacks,” he added and called on mainstream media outlets to look closer at Islamic anti-Semitism rather than “pushing the narrative that it was coming from some French right-wingers”.

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Top French EU Parliament Populist Addresses Consequences of Mass Immigration


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Député Européen Erançais sur la Crise Migratoire en Europe et la Censure en Ligne

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